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Commission plans, like butterflies, are hard to pin down – and there are myriad variations!


CommissionCalc At Supreme Oil

Supreme Oil has a highly effective commission plan, ideally tailored to motivating their salespeople. However, administering the plan was a headache. Its complexity made commission computations time-consuming and error prone, and the salespeople couldn’t tell where the numbers came from.

As a major distributor and manufacturer of vegetable oil and vegetable oil-based products, Supreme Oil has a high volume of sales transactions, and commissions can be based on either quantity or revenue. They have a custom SQL table containing commission rules, so they needed a commission program that could incorporate data from outside the standard ERP database tables.

Deven Shah, the Director of Information Technology, says:

“We moved to Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing and needed a flexible solution that could incorporate customer and item relationships. In addition, we needed an easy way to track split commissions.”

They considered several commission solutions and chose CommissionCalc. Deven explains:

“We love this program because of its flexibility and the virtually unlimited range of its options.

“As a result of using CommissionCalc, we save at least a day of fishing through green bar paper each month. The VP of Sales is able to review the reports quickly so Accounting can make changes promptly.”

They’ve reduced the time to process and pay commissions by 30 calendar days – a priority for them because, after all, the purpose of the plan is to motivate salespeople. Also, it’s now easy to pay commissions when invoices are paid instead of when they’re created – another priority.

Devon goes on:

“We have clear audit trails and easy access to historic data, as well.

“Our salespeople and brokers really like the new sales report. It is much easier for them to read and follow. We are growing rapidly and this solution is going to be easily scalable for us without having to add administrative employees.

“It is a very good product! After considering all the third-party commission software for Dynamics GP, we know we've made the right choice. Nothing else comes close to CommissionCalc’s flexibility.”

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